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    Contract Accords (CA) --- Treaty decrees.


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    Contract Accords (CA) --- Treaty decrees.

    Post by Noire on Wed Jun 15, 2016 9:39 am

    To be considered a possible alliance to our tribe, you must fit to these accords:

    1. Any possible associates must not be attempting for total supremacy amidst all the organizations on the chat, or no truce will be established. That is not only threatening this organization, but every other organization we might also have an establishment with.
    2. Allied members are granted access into our district, as long as they provide what faction they’re coming from when visiting.
    3. So that the entire the alliance keeps a healthy stock of food, allied partners will be asked to bring their own food so that the reserves stay filled for all ranks.
    4. In times of distress or warfare, the organization will provide aid to allied partnerships, unless unable to do so (drought, war, etc), and in return these allies will offer the same support.
    5. Allies must guarantee that they will be loyal, and not start any offensive means against the Alliance.
    6. Hostilities towards an ally is not allowed.
    7. If a fight is to happen involving an ally, the problem will be solved, and the leaders from both groups will be notified. And if high ranks are not present, logs are to be reported to the Rex/Reingae, or Legatus immediately.
    8. If there’s an issue involving a member from an allied power, please report it to the Rex/Reingae or Legatus with a reason, or logs proving your statement. With no evidence, there is not much we can say about "he said" and "she said."

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