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    Rubric, classification, and conduct guidelines of The Tribe of Inferno


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    Rubric, classification, and conduct guidelines of The Tribe of Inferno

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    ---- Society Inscription and Order --- ( S I O ) 
    ReingaeLady of Sovereignty. 
    RexLord of Throne.
    LegatusProxy superior.
    ​Scriba: Secretary of Rule.  
    PhantomhiveGuardian of the top authority. 
    PrincepsHeir Princess. 
    ProcerHeir Prince. 
    CommunisGeneral of Army. 
    Consilium(s)The council. 
    SicariusAssassins to the Crest. 
    AuxiliatorHelper to the Sick. 
    NurserOnes who watch the youth.
    ImmunesSkilled Bellator sent on dangerous tasks for the Order.
    BellatorMercenaries of Alliance. 
    Venator:  A type of Immunes that ventures for Prey for the order (Hunter).
    InceptorNovices to the reign. 
    CivitasSubordinate citizen.
    CaculaA slave or servant of a soldier (Omega).

    Outcast: Traitor or punished one waiting for judgement from the council. Not a rank to be chosen.

    The Tribe of Inferno follows the decisions of their leader and the court of them. If the Reingae and Rex are not seen, the Legatus should be aware to always be active when they are not. The only people that can lead the court and watch the lands while they are inactive is the Princep and Procer or anyone with authority too. The council will make the decisions for the clan whenever we have big issues involving the clan in war, no food, or any other issue/discussion that it needs. A specific number will be placed of how many members of the council, when they can freely give their opinions, and how many specific people there HAS to be to even begin session. ​​

    Can you survive within our ways?

    To become apart of our ways, come accustomed with our ways. To do this, you must follow these simple rules. If you do not, you will not be welcomed or survive within these borders. 
    Depending on your rank, you will read certain rules. ALL members must read standard regulations first!
    *These rules may be changed or altered in any way seen fit. If you have a problem with an altercation or a new rule added, talk with an administrator or higher rank.*

    In character rules:

    .​​Standard Regulations (SR) – To be obeyed by all cataloged members.

    1. Any means of disruption in peace will have to be presented in a Role-Play plot or Mini-Plot to the Reingae/Rex before being executed.

    2. All commands, and laws sent by the council and Rex/Reingae are to be abide by fully. No exceptions.

    3. Having mates from other groups are banned. If the partner is a Loner, then either the significant other is required to join our ranks or the entire association is prohibited.

    4. Mature behavior is required. Especially when strangers come in to join our Alliance. So be mindful.

    5. Visitors are rigorously supervised. All guests are to state their purpose of entry, and whom they’re coming to see. If the room grows crowded or when the colleague that summons the company leaves, invitees will be asked to exit. If the time comes that a visitor doesn't leave, they'll be forced to leave. The members in the room will decide by kick or both kick and role play it is to be done by.

    6. Respect for all citizens is obligatory. Anything less results punishment. 

    7. Sicarius’ are to be listened to when they’re trying to resolve a fight, or fights between the members. Refusal to cooperate, gives the Sicarius reason to use force to diminish the problem.

    8. Realistic aspects of color only. Your character may have certain designs, but nothing impossible.. Entailing to no unlikely characteristics. Immortality, powers, or implausible colors not approved by the Reingae is a no.

    9. Cor Lupum does not force belief in “StarClan” or the “DarkForest” onto our members, or any other religion for that matter. This group is not a clan. We are a literate Role-Playing group with some basis taken after the Warrior Cat series and the Roman empire, but we do not follow that method of ranking system or rules. Our entire regime of civilization is distinctive. It's your choice of religion, however, religious or not, all must follow the order.

    10. Punishment is absolute if any rules go unbroken. The “Three-Strikes” method is in place.

    11. When two canines decide to become mates the partnership must be announced to the Rex/Reingae or Legatus. 

    12. Any and all mates will keep their "love-life" private outside of rp. As in Fighting outside of rp because of personal feelings, they must keep any and all arguments in whisper/private messaging unless they are presented as a mini plot between the two to the Rex/Reingae or Legatus.

    13. If mates are about to have a litter they must present the newborns to the Rex/Reingae within a month of being delivered.

    14. Any personal rants about topics outside of chats that would cause an uproar with another member is strictly prohibited so as to avoid any unnecessary dramatic conflicts. All outside of chats conflicts must be kept in whisper. 

    15. Be aware that any rules broken that can cause serious harm to this organization can extend into extermination of your creature. We ask you stay loyal to your Rex and Reingae.

    16. Any harm contacted with your character may be prevented by yourself. Before role playing, you may tell the other person one of three things that can decide how bad they may hurt your character if you two were to get into a fight. Beware, however, if you are to start a fight and hurt their character in the way they aren't allowed yours, you will go to their level of contact. ​:
    -  Normal: To be hurt or touched in harmful ways, you need permission.
    - Expert: May be hurt without permission, but being killed requires permission.
    - Advanced: Hurt or killed without permission by another member.
    One catch to this rule is, if the council or leaders see fit to your demise, they may appoint your character to demise. 

    17. A cacula of your choice may be claimed as yours, however, they may be fought over, so don't expect to always keep yours. If a Reingae or Rex is to choose a cacula, that cacula is usually treated higher than the other cacula, but it is still an omega. Cacula do mate, but it's very rarely done for a cacula to mate. If they mate, it's unlikely for them to ever get enough respect for a high ranking officer to catch their eyes as a potential mate. High ranking usually runs through bloodline and isn't mixed with low, but it isn't impossible.

    .Council Protocols (C P) --- Orders to be abided by Council Members.

    1. Commission is administrated by the Rex/Reingae, Legatus, Scriba, and Communis. 
    2. All aspects of these meetings are to be kept private, and not shared. Information does not leave the room unless the Rex/Reingae, or Legatus permit it.
    3. Council neophytes from each position are certified to attend council discussion. Only one (1) per meeting, unless permitted otherwise. 
    4. The committee is to take note of all reports and present all knowledge to one or all administrators. 
    5. Personal opinion cannot dominate entirely. If opinions are to be shared, take it up with the Rex/Reingae or Council Administration. Biased reasoning cannot dismiss another’s statement. 
    6. A controlled environment is the only acceptable option. No sudden outbursts, or disruption.
    7. Council discussions will be notified one or two days in advance. 
    8. The entire Council restricted to nine (9) members.. No more or less, unless required. Council Apprentices may fill three spaces, but with permission from the Rex/Reingae, or Legatus.  (Sometimes, the numbers will not be exactly this, but hopefully, we will get the numbers in order.) Council cannot start with less than 4 members.

    .Citizen Conduct (CC) ---- Rules applied to Civis class only.

    1. Can Role-Play, and interact with any rank they wish.
    2. Must obey to any or all higher ranking officials. 
    3. May hunt for the Alliance. 
    4. Fighting, or starting one is prohibited.
    5. Civis juveniles either must choose to stay as Civis, or train for another rank.
    6. The Civis rank serves just for population; Citizens. They may not participate in times of war, serve as soldiers, or assist in the council without permission from the commanders. Permission once does not count for the following event. Civis will serve in the war if absolutely necessary.

    .Assassin Edict (AE) --- Directed to Sicarius order. .

    1. The only way to become a Sicarius is to be instructed by one.
    2. After training is complete, the Inceptor will have to spar against either their own mentor. The Reingae, Rex, or Legatus has to announce the mentor(s) decision or they can veto the approval if they think otherwise.
    3. Sicarius Inceptors are to submit to their mentor without question. If a student disobeys, and proves disrespectful, the mentor has the authority to do as they wish as far as laying their claws on their student for discipline principles only. 
    4. A full-fledged Sicarius is expected to: obey the higher ranks, respect each member, not start fights, and help end any combat between the members, if necessary.
    5. If a Sicarius has to intervene into any issues, they should immediately notify the four (4) higher ranks afterwards with logs directly from the event. 

    .Contract Accords (CA) --- Treaty decrees.

    1. Any possible associates must not be attempting for total supremacy amidst all the organizations on the chat, or no truce will be established. That is not only threatening this organization, but every other organization we might also have an establishment with.
    2. Allied members are granted access into our district, as long as they provide what faction they’re coming from when visiting. 
    3. So that the entire the alliance keeps a healthy stock of food, allied partners will be asked to bring their own food so that the reserves stay filled for all ranks. 
    4. In times of distress or warfare, the organization will provide aid to allied partnerships, unless unable to do so (drought, war, etc), and in return these allies will offer the same support. 
    5. Allies must guarantee that they will be loyal, and not start any offensive means against the Alliance. 
    6. Hostilities towards an ally is not allowed.
    7. If a fight is to happen involving an ally, the problem will be solved, and the leaders from both groups will be notified. And if high ranks are not present, logs are to be reported to the Rex/Reingae, or Legatus immediately.
    8. If there’s an issue involving a feline from an allied power, please report it to the Rex/Reingae or Legatus with a reason, or logs proving your statement. With no evidence, there is not much we can say about "he said" and "she said."

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    Re: Rubric, classification, and conduct guidelines of The Tribe of Inferno

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    New rules added to standard: 

    Ranks added overall:
    Cacula/Omega rank added.
    Outcast added
    Immunes/Venator rank added. (Hunters, special skilled wolves set out on missions)

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