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    Rex Mort Finds Nefera Reingae {Mates}


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    Rex Mort Finds Nefera Reingae {Mates}

    Post by Noire on Wed Nov 15, 2017 7:53 pm

    Disaster-Today at 7:29 PM

    Mort slowly stiffened, rising up from his enclosed "den" where it was a soft "nest" with moss coated for the comfort of a King. He truly had taken time and effort into making it. However, business was to be dealt with. He had found a suitable female to make the Reingae of the pack and to possibly reproduce with to bring youth to the pack. After a few sprints and gallops (skipping, due to the announcement and no role play yet,) he was met at the meeting grounds, near Arroyo's connecting stream. He slowly paced for a moment before inhaling and sharply exhaling to exert a powerful gust, alerting the members to meet for an update.(edited)

    Neferet-Today at 7:31 PM

    Nefera heard this sound and started to lope towards the meeting place, knowing what was about to be announced. She sat in a corner, in the shadows where no one would bother her too much. She locked onto Mort, being as big as he was, he wasn't hard to spot.

    Disaster-Today at 7:39 PM

    Mort went silent, waiting until every member who could make it was there to attend. He huffed, ruffling his feathers and coils before sitting on his hind. "Every member, let it be known, I have found a female to take on the task of being the Reingae and Lady of Sovereignty that you need and desire. Once ready, we perhaps may have youth running around and more members to bother you all," He huffed, "Therefore, I encourage you all seeking to be a member of the council to speak up if you see a problem of this mateship. If Nefera and I are fit in your eyes then I see no problem, due to no Legatus yet, to announce my own relationship as the Lord of Throne."

    Neferet-Today at 7:41 PM

    Hearing this, Nefera loped up to join him, looking around the pack, seeking out any disapproving eyes. She let like Mort do the talking, she wasn't into talking too much anyway. She looked to him, seeing rare warmth in his eyes. She returned the warmth, giving the slightest smile.(edited)

    Disaster-Today at 7:49 PM

    Mort wasn't usually one to be joyful at the thought of "love" and "youth", but the Baron found he enjoyed a lot now that Nefera enjoyed his company. His acoustics perked, his lanterns turning a joyful sunset orange. No one seemed to disagree with his decision. He glanced at Nefera, slowly brushing his salmon tongue over his cheek fur. He smiled softly, something he didn't do much, only smart ass smirks. He was silent before standing with pride, spreading his limbs, giving a royal posture. "With no disapprovements, I see no issues. Nefera and I are now mates, and if any of you would like to become partners, with the proper age, consult us," He replied, softly. "Thank you for your open ears, that is all. If anyone else has anything to say, don't let your tongue stay silent.. There is one more issue, soon, we may have to hunt for the tribe to be prepared if more members were to come. ."

    {On 11/15/17, at 7:49 PM Nefera & Mort Noire became mates.}

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