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    Administrators and Guidelines


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    Administrators and Guidelines

    Post by Noire on Tue Jun 14, 2016 5:22 am

    Edit: When we get more people, more administrators will be added cx and applications to be made!

    An administrator on the forum could be totally different ones that in the chat. However, to keep more organized, if they prove quite mature enough to handle themselves, they are free to apply or stay an administrator for both.

    In order to qualify for possible position, the following criteria are required:

    - You must be mature under stressful situations
    - You must be good with working with others.
    - Your command of English should be fairly good, due to that most chats are mostly English  
    - You should have few to no previous records of trouble.
    - You must be more active than a regular user.
    - You must be able to participate in times of discussion or debates.
    - You cannot act on your own decisions. If another 'Alpha' is acting immaturely, you are too report it to Disaster or another full 'Alpha'.
    - Note that this is volunteer work, but you must still take your responsibilities seriously.

    Knowing the following, you should also be aware that an administrator is not decided due to their role playing ranks. You must be trusted by the members and the current staff we have.

    The following are current members of the staff either in the room or forum.:

    Forum staff


    Alphas In The Chat

    User: Disaster
    User: Blackwolfx99

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