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    Nefera Meternarus


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    Nefera Meternarus

    Post by Blackwolfx99 on Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:54 pm

    Love is pain, it rips you apart and kills you.

    Basic Information
    Name: Nefera Meternarus
    : Nef
    : Unkown
    : 4'0
    : 96 Pounds
    : Wolf
    : Female
    : Tribe of Inferno
    Rank: Royal Reingae

    Often considered rude when speaking bluntly and truthfully, her lack of trust reaches max level, rarely speaking unless spoken to, and considering only few as friends. Bold and fearless towards the truth and disrespectful individuals, she is not afraid of a confrontation. Once better known, she may speak first towards you. Once trust and companionship is earned, she is fiercely loyal and protective to those few who do manage to reach that level.
    Once lied to, there are no second chances. Those who betray are forever enemies.

    On the smaller side, yet extremely agile and fast, her abilities match those of the highest level. She consists of mainly dark greys, although a lighter silver-grey can be found on her belly, face, tail, and legs. Her back fur is of black, with tail tip, ear tip, and the back of all four of her legs having a small strip of silver. Blood red decorates the top of her tail, the front of all four paws, and her nose. Three stripes shows upon the base of her and above her eye. Her complexion often frightens lesser creatures, but reflects her dark personality with the same darkness that is seen first with a first glance. Often underestimated in battles for her size, she makes up for in not only her agility and speed, but in her smarts and her strength and elongated claws. When in human or anthro form, her glowing red irises turn an emerald green.

    Mort Noire

    Royal Rex of Cor Lupum

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