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    Forum Rules


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    Forum Rules

    Post by Noire on Mon Jul 11, 2016 9:33 pm

    Please Note:
    These rules may be changed up a bit as well as the date added. If you're to leave the group, you will be removed from the forum till you decide to come back. However, if you do come back, you must have a reason as too why you want to come back to the forum.

    General Rules:

    1.) The most part of the forum is PG-13, unless told otherwise or stated. 

    2.) Cursing is allowed, but it is not to be overused and spammed.

    3.) Spamming/harassment/trolling and anything that could erupt into drama is prohibited onto the forum. 

    4.) It was usually one account per person, but since there is not a lot of accounts, two to three will not hurt. No accounts are to be made for the purpose of spamming. If seen, you can be banned.

    5.) Ban hopping could leave you with a permanent ban.

    6.) Bumping topics is allowed, but only three bumps in 24 hours can be made.

    7.) No sexual talk that is related to, but not limited to: Rape, violation, etc.. Is permitted. You will be banned if you tease any of these topics with/at a user. 

    8.) Journal topics which log personal achievement or progression are permitted. However, journals that focus around trivial questions such as "What do you think about me?" or "Do you like me?" will not be permitted.

    9.) Begging of any kind is forbidden.

    10.) Drama or harassment is not allowed of any form or shape.

    11.) We will in no way tolerate the propositioning of minors.

    12.) While we encourage you to report any suspicious activity you see, we no way promote falsely accusing other users. If you make false reports against another user, we will take action against your account. 

    15.) All signature content (i.e., images, text, spoilers that are opened, spoilers that are closed) must be limited to a size where no user would have a problem with scrolling past. Some user's computers lag up when scrolling passed large images.

    16.) Illegal or inappropriate URLs are prohibited on this forum. Please note that these types of links are forbidden, even if in a spoiler or a pre-warning given. To provide an example of a pre-warning, stating that a link contains nudity and then posting it anyway, is not allowed. Inappropriate URLs include, but are not limited to:
    A. Shock sites of any sort
    B. Links/images/content showing: excessive gore, sexually explicit content, or any otherwise offensive or inappropriate content
    C. Links to illegal downloads.
    D. Links promoting the sale of or promotion of illegal activities.

    17.) Selling currency, stolen art, animals, illegal or inappropriate object, etc, is not allowed on ANY post or thread on this forum. It will be taken down immediately and action against you and your account.

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