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    Role Play Terms


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    Role Play Terms

    Post by Noire on Thu Jun 23, 2016 12:24 am

    You do not have to use these, these are just what all I found over the internet. These are not mine, nor are they anyone's. Just doing this if you're having a hard time finding words. I will post as much as I can for you all!
    But for you all to be happy, these aren't written by me in any shape or form. Google is my source ;3.

    Body Description:
    - Cranium, Crania, Cranial, Skull, Apex, Dome, Capitulum, Cerebrum,Vertex,Attic, Blefry, Brain, GrayMatter, Noggin,Scalp,Countenance,Culmination, Carnial Casting, Crown, Zenith, Plat, Poll, Globe, Pallet, Tiara, Brainpan.

    -Column, Crest, Nape, Isthmus {Actual Neck}, Cervix, Strait, Jugular, Pharynx{Throat}, Larynx{ Voice Box}, Windpipe, Boa, Serpentine, Barrel, Thorax, Trachea, Curvature, Esophagus, Throat, Gullet, Fauces, Vipe.

    -Temples, front, crown, tiara, brows.

    -Frame, Sillhouette, Torso, Bodice, Figure, Form, Phsyique, Mass, Bulk, Anatomy, Constitution, Carcass, Chassis, Embodiment, Protplasim, Tenement, Morotal part, Bod, Structure, Rump (Rear end), Cadever (Stomach: abdomen, solar plexus.), Build, Bod, Shape, Stern (Rear end.), Girth, Facade, Mass, Flank (side), platform (Back.), Pleuron (Flank.), chassi, hulk, lithe, willowy, barrel, corpse.

    -Dial, Mug, Maw, Jaw, Snout, Beak, Nozzle, Proboscis, Bone, Clam Shells, Orifice, Velveteen nares, Cavern, Harbor, mandibular, Mandible (Lower chin bone), Maxilla (Upper, mustache location, bone), chops (Jowls), jowls (Chops), trap, demitasse.

    -Visage, Palette, Air, Appearance, Aspect, Cast, Clock, Cheek, Smirk, Grimace, Presentation, scowl, phsyiognomy, Similacrum, front.

    -Auds, lobes, thorns, listeners, doublets, orrilles, harks, auditories, aerials, acoustics, accoustics, appararus, tympanums, auditives, duos, cochlea, diagnostics, pricks, twin pinnacles, twin zeniths, lappetts, auricles, spikes, spires, towers, darts, ayricles, orioles, audits, Audreys, Flutes, Radars, Dublets, Receptors, Tulips, Antennae, convexity, excurvation, protuberance.

    -Labrums, Labios, Velvets, Labias, Laberals, Labra, Modules (hinges of jaw, Jowels, Chops, Rims, Labrales, Labra

    -Oculi, Oculars, Optics, Pools, Ooids, Orbs, Optical Sphere, Opticals, Visionaries, Chasms, Lanterns, Twin Pools, Tabiries, Globes, Spheres, Lamps, Occules, Orbits, Orcia, Voids, Chasms, Lampis, Lampistra, Occulus, Chambers, Visual Globes, Holes, Slits, Luminaries, Oracles, Orics, Oids, Voids, Chasms.

    -Platform, Slope, Plateau, Support, Summus Tergum, Vertebrae {includes 4 parts of the spine}.

    -Flank, Ribs, Ribcage, Pleuron.

    -Stomach, abdomen, solar plexus, belly, Gastro, ventriculus.

    -Braces, columns, members, parts, poles, portions, posts, props, sections, segments, stages, stakes, stilts, stretches, stumps, supports, uprights, pillars, appendages, stilts, pistons, pinions, shanks, gams, fulcrums, limbs, appendai, Appendages, Pistons, Libs, Limbs, Pillars, Appendi, Shanks, Stilts, Columns, Brace, Props, Supports, Stakes, Stages, Foundations, Pendions, Pistons, Pendages, Pedates, Nadirs, Pistons, Skewers, members, gams, fulcrums, four limbs

    Front legs:
    -Fores, Forelegs, Forelimbs, Boa's, Clubs. Scapula (Shoulder.)

    Back legs:
    -Loins, Quarters, hinds, thighs, Haunches, Hind leg's, Hind Brackets.

    -Tassel, plume, banner, rope, whip, whipcords, caudal, hock kisser, pendulum, ribbons, plumage, fifth appendage, cat o nine tails, empennage , extremity, hindmost, Swatter, Banner, Tassel, Rope, Appendage, Flag, Stern, Rudder, Stub, Posterior, Fith, Plume, Plummage, Pendulum, cadual, vertebrae.

    -Claws, Crooks, Talons, Blades, Digits, Swords, Scimitars, Barbs, Hooks, Spurs, Grapplers, Guns, Knives, Treks, Retractile, Razors, Flagells, barb, cant hook, clapperclaw, crook, fang, fingernail, grapnel, grappler, manus{ Wrist}, nail claw, nipper, paw, pincer, retractile ,talon, tentacle, unguis, ungul, spur, hook, phalanges

    -Ivories, pearls, insicors, enamels, syringes, dentals, fangs, carnassials, blade top, bicuspid. Dentures, Ivorines, Canines (The fang-like teeth at the front of a lupines mouth.), Molars, Chompers.

    -Oxygenators (nostrils), zephyrs {Nostrils}, velveteens {Nostrils}, caverns, velveteen nares, proboscis, adenoids, olfactory {nerves}, Nozzle, Prow, Narettes (nostrils), Cresents (nostrils), Nasal Passages (nostrils), Nares (nostrils), Emocle, Sniffer, Scenter, Sneezer, Mug, Snout, Bridge

    -Banter, Dreads, Tassels, Tendrils, Threads, Tresses, Coils, Ribbons, Locks, Silks, Tapestry, pelt, hide, canvas, cover, cloak, pelage, Coat, Derma, Down, Fluff, Fuzz, Cloak, Banner, cover, armour, Ectoderm

    -Mitts, Peaks, Peds, Treads, Flats, Foundations, Feet, Pads, Pedastals, Pendions, Didgets (Paw toes), Crooks

    -Disambiguation, tongue, ribbon, lapper, lapplet, licker, elucidate.

    More Terms:
    Debris on the Ground (leaves, twigs, bushes, ect): loam, foliage, brush, flora, umbrage.
    Ground: terra firma, terra, soil, earth, terrain, carpet.
    Water: liquid, fluid, odourless [description], crystalline [description].

    Color Terms:
    Black: ebony, ebon, midnight, charcoal, obsidian, raven, shadow, charred.
    Blue: navy, sapphire, indigo, ice, azure.
    Brown: tawny, tan, beige, sorrel.
    Gray: ash(en), silver, steel, dusty.
    Green: emerald, jade, olive, lime.
    Orange: sunkissed, firey, mango, ginger.
    Purple: mauve, lilac, lavender, violet.
    Red: crimson, rouge, scarlet, cherry, cinnamon, ruby, burgundy.
    Yellow: sunny, mustard, golden, honey.
    White: pearl, ivory, milky, alabaster, colourless, pure.

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